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Ask Anyone Anything.

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Take Sips.

Answers are 60 seconds or less.

Genuine Connections.

Share knowledge with other curious minds.


Airsip's mission is to make information simple, personal, and accessible.

In the future that we're building, no one will have to say "I wish I knew."

Why was Airsip made?

Airsip was created because it's so damn hard to get good advice. The best way to learn is to have conversation with people - which is not always available nor convenient, especially with everything that's going on right now.

Using Airsip is like having a coffee chat with someone to learn something new; except it's 10x better because you don't have to make small talk, waste time on commuting, and you actually get insights from multiple people, not just one. Plus, you can save money on coffee.

How do I use Airsip?

It's simple!

1. Ask a question with a video.
2. Tag up to three relevant communities.
3. Post.
4. Get answers!